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Special Menu for Wine Club Dinner

People who have a deep respect for food and wine often understand that allowing the best quality ingredients to shine is a simple and powerful approach. The culinary minds at Enoteca La Storia have done a brilliant job of showcasing the clean, rich flavor of our King Salmon in an entree they have prepared for their next Wine Pairing Dinner they have named "A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN: Salmon (Sustainable), Porcini and Pinot – Ooh, Mommy that’s Umami!" The creamy Porcini Risotto is the perfect canvas to carry the seared filet, and the magic that happens when you add a sip of Pinot is better left to Joe Cannistraci to explain.

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Alder Wood Smoked King Salmon Dip

A good Salmon Dip with crackers has never been known to last long at a party. It's just too delicious. When you make this Smoked Salmon Dip using our Mt. Cook Alpine Alder wood Smoked Salmon, it is going to go fast. Really fast. 

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Out of this World Smoked Salmon at Venus Spirits Cocktails and Spirits

The clean tasting King Salmon from Mt. Cook becomes a delicious delicacy when smoke it. We recently photographed our Salmon at Venus Spirits Cocktails and Spirits on the Westside of Santa Cruz. Their presentation is beautiful and the rich wasabi cream is a wonderful complement to the smoky salmon.

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Hidden Jewell in Aptos has Alpine Salmon on Menu

Nestled in a nook in Aptos is a great opportunity for you to try our fish. The Hideout Aptos is a fun and stylish restaurant serving delicious fine dining and drinks. Order the King Salmon Risotto to try a filet of Mt. Cook Alpine Salmon served over a bed of parmesan risotto with a gorgonzola cream. 

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Attention Poke lovers! We challenge you to create your own Poke Tower! For this photo shoot, we sent some Salmon Filets to one of our favorite private chefs, Teddy Danielson, of Taking Care Joy. Needless to say, she wowed us with her creation.

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