Sustainable Sushi Grade Salmon: Poke Tower

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Sustainable Sushi Grade Salmon: Poke Tower

Poke Tower Sushi Grade Sustainable King Salmon

The Poke Tower Challenge 

Attention Poke lovers! We challenge you to create your own Poke Tower! For this photo shoot, we sent some Salmon Filets to one of our favorite private chefs, Teddy Danielson, of Taking Pure Joy. Needless to say, she wowed us with her creation.
You can check out her recipe, HERE: SALMON AND AVOCADO POKE

Poke Tower

Clean Tasting, Sushi-Grade King Salmon

When you start with the best tasting sustainably sourced King Salmon, you have a huge advantage. Seasoning the delicious pink meat is hardly necessary. For this delicious recipe, Danielson made a Teriyaki sauce from scratch. She combined the cubes of Salmon with Macadamia nuts, Avocado, Green Onions, and Sesame Seeds.

Poke Party Plans

Once you master the art of the Poke Tower, you’ll be ready to host your own Poke Party! It’s a fun presentation of one of our favorite ways to eat this Salmon. Show us your creations! Tag us on Instagram @santacruzfishco!

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