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Sustainable, Nutritious, and Delicious

For parents looking for a good source of protein for their growing and developing kids, King Salmon filets are a great choice. Making some Teriyaki Salmon for dinner is simple and will give you one more go-to meal in your playbook for keeping your family happy, healthy and strong.

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You love salmon. But unless you’re actually a bear and the salmon you’re having for dinner just leaps into your mouth from the stream, you must choose your fish before you can eat it. And let’s face it, knowing how to choose the best salmon is hard.

What does it mean for salmon to be the best? What qualities are you looking for? At Santa Cruz Fish Co. these are the questions we asked and spent years dedicating our time and money to answering. As experts in curating the best salmon on the planet, we’re here to help with our list of the Top 4 Secrets to Picking the Best Salmon.

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Yes. Purchasing fresh salmon can be a challenging venture. Is it fresh? How was it stored? How many times has it been thawed and refrozen? Does it contain toxins?

Our happy, healthy king salmon live and thrive in the purest water on the planet, fresh ice-cold water flowing from the glaciers of the Southern Alps on the South Island of New Zealand. Arguably, this gives you access to the world’s top source of fresh salmon.

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COVID-19 permanently changed how consumers buy seafood – and food in general. Many Americans now want to receive delivery of their favorite food items at their homes, providing significant new business for seafood suppliers and wholesalers.

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