King Salmon Carpaccio: Simple, Sustainable, and Delicious

King Salmon Carpaccio: Simple, Sustainable, and Delicious

King Salmon Carpaccio by John

Keep It Simply Salmon

If you want to try one of our favorite ways to prepare the Salmon, this Carpaccio recipe is at the top of the list. When you cut a filet into bite size strips and dress with lemon zest and juice, salt, capers, some chopped shallots, and nothing else you can truly appreciate how delicious this fish is. 

John preparing King Salmon Carpaccio

Step One: Remove Skin and Trim

These filets are so easy to work with and it makes making Carpaccio fun. Just pull a filet out from the freezer the night before. As it is mostly thawed but still firm it will be easy to work with. Simply remove the skin and slice into two or three large slices that you will trim down into two inch bite sized pieces of fish. 

King Salmon Carpaccio step one complete

Step Two: Add Dressing

For this Carpaccio, we added lemon zest, olive oil, pink salt, capers, lemon juice, and chopped shallots, and we garnished with parsley and lemon. 

lemon zest

olive oil

pink salt


lemon juice

chopped shallots


lemon slices

King Salmon Carpaccio step two adding olive oil

King Salmon Carpaccio adding lemon juice

King Salmon Carpaccio adding lemon slices

King Salmon Carpaccio final product shot

Step Three: ENJOY

It's that simple. It takes twenty minutes to prepare and the rewards are great. This is a wonderful appetizer for two. It's a great way to add some fish to your diet and enjoy the benefits of the superfood that King Salmon is. Order some filets and have them delivered directly to you, so you can take a filet out of the freezer and enjoy some delicious carpaccio for lunch the next day. You can order, HERE: SHOP ONLINE!


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