Secret Salmon Menu at the Crow’s Nest

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Secret Salmon Menu at the Crow’s Nest

Salmon Poke Crows Nest Chef Jeff

Substitute with Sustainable Salmon

Did you know that the Crow’s Nest has a secret menu? That’s right, you can order the Ahi Poke with Salmon instead. This Salmon was raised swimming in the pure glacial waters of the Southern Alps at Mt. Cook Alpine Salmon, a fishery in New Zealand, and you can taste and see the quality. But not only is this fish delicious, it is also pulled from a renewable source. It is a freshwater farmed Salmon.

Secret Salmon Menu Mt. Cook Alpine Salmon Chef Jeff Crows Nest

Chef Jeff’s Delicious Poke Tower

We had the chance recently to photograph this secret menu item and wow were we impressed with the elegant creation Chef Jeff served up. Marinated in sesame, soy, simple syrup served over diced avocado with fried wontons, it is a dish not to be missed. So if you are in or visiting the Santa Cruz area make sure to visit the Crow’s Nest and ask for the Salmon Poke from their secret menu. Tell ‘em we sent you!

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